New Cooperation – Arctic Paper


mucho is very proud to present a new partner in the sector of high quality printing paper. In future we‘ll have the pleasure to cooporate with the reknowned paper manufacturer Arctic paper.

We’re looking forward to work and offer you soon selected paper qualites of the Munken, Arctic and Amber line on our onlineshop:

More infos coming soon !

For more information about Arctic paper watch here:

Have a nice day !


Streamline and more – Raymond Loewy (1893-1986)

Raymond Loewy is a french-born american industrial-designer and the inventor of the streamline design. His most popularity he had in the 1930s when he was responsible for many famous logo designs like Shell, EXXON, BP, SPAR and Lucky Strike.

In his main work as industrial designer he was involved in railroad design, including the S1 streamline locomotive. Also he had a long and relationship with the american car maker Studebaker. His probably most famous design is the classical shape of the Coca Cola bottle.


R 128 – Apartment Building By Werner Sobek

r128Those who have a sense of aesthetics can experience recent architectural history in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg. Werner Sobek, one of the most important engineers of the present, has built his monument here: R 128.

The residential building is emission-free and energy self-sufficient steep plot of land on the outskirts of Stuttgart. The house is completely glazed and has no internal partitions.

A modular fully recyclable design with plug and screw connections ensures easy assembly and disassembly.